B14 Freezes on Data Entry

The b14 release seems to have an intermittent problem with data entry in many of my Text Edit Objects, resulting the spinning beach ball. At first I thought it had something to do with the following code related to the TEO.
objectaction “OBJECTNAME”,“Open”
objectaction “OBJECTNAME”,“SetSelection”,0,-1

When I made that conclusion, it was late and my brain was fried. However, on closer inspection the freeze might due to a lookup or an arraybuild referencing an unopened database. Sometimes but not always simply clicking in a TEO will cause a spinning beachball. I am still searching and testing. I may have been too quick to blame b14 as these problems seemed to get worse with that release. On the other hand the problem could be related to a network issue as I am working remotely. I can ping the server. I can also email large files and pictures over wifi and the internet. It may be that my PanX server simply does not like me working remotely.

I am replying to my own post. I am trying to understand why b14 crashes so often during data entry. I am taking this one step at a time.

I have a simple TDO which, when clicked, opens and highlights the contents of a TEO cell using the objectaction code above. This gives me the following error message:

Pasted Graphic 4

If the content of the cell is zero, PanX gives me the dreaded beachball and freezes. Any ideas or suggestions?

If you have the Text Editing Object Initial Selection set to All you should not need the second objectaction statement to select the contents. If you manually click on the TEO it will not select anything but place the cursor at the point where the TEO was clicked. Tabbing into the TEO will select all as well.

Thanks for all of the input. I recommend the problem reported in the first paragraph of this post be added to the bug list. PanX should not crash if the objectaction “open” code has been executed on a TEO followed by the user clicking in the TEO cell. I have removed the objectionaction “open” code, and I am not experiencing crashes in the cell where the code has been removed.

Today I am having another data entry problem: I have a TEO that will cause a crash reliably simply by tabbing through the object. No code is attached to the object. No objectionaction “open” code is related to the TEO. There are other TEO’s on the form, but tabbing through the subject TEO simply gives me the beachball.

By the way, I am running Mojave, so these problems are not related to Big Sur.