Award for sticking around!

The automated forum software gave me an award for contributing to the community. For some reason I think this is hilarious. I do think it is cool that there are 628 others out there that have gotten at least one anniversary badge. This forum has come a long way from May 2016 :smiley:


Please Jim, do stick around… they couldn’t have said it better: “our dept couldn’t do it without you” (and PanoX!).

Thank you Enrico! I’ll be thinking of you when I watch the Giro d’Italia arrive in Milan next week :slight_smile:

I don’t know … the fact that I have five of these means “they” will give it out to just about anyone. :wink::joy:

They are like participation trophies. This was at the bottom of my award page…


They are counting badges, rather than people. There are 641 of them altogether, 5 of which are you.