Avery once in a while, I need a preset form

Maybe it’s a need-a-license thing, or people-seldom-used-it thing - so it’s gone. But once in a while, those pre-set Avery Forms would come in handy. The three cases I can think of were On-Demand business cards, small and large envelopes, and event placeholders.

I don’t see it as a PanX “New Form” option. Is it in an example/tutorial somewhere?

It’s easy enough to copy the desired dimensions from Pan6 and to create the form in PanX. But I wondering if a file with those Avery pop-up form options is in some corner of Examples or Uploads in PanX?

Searching for label in the help, the first “hit” is the tutorial page that explains how to do it.

The second matching help page has more details on this topic:

I’ve never heard of Avery envelopes. And Panorama 6 never had any templates for business cards, envelopes or event placeholders. But it shouldn’t be too difficult to create forms for this if you know the dimensions.

Maybe that’s why that card content never fit :grinning:
The Avery box for business cards gives 5371 and that is Not included in the Pan6 Avery list. The envelope format must have been in an earlier Pan or I just made it for myself (Or I’m confusing it with the Easy Envelopes app).

Given the dimensions and the power of PanX - it’s easy enough to do and include whatever color graphic I can imagine - a hammock and kayak for Adventure Consultant.