Auxiliary databases not working

I add an auxiliary databases, but it doesn’t open automatically as it should. When I go back to the Database Option dialog, the entry for the auxiliary databases is gone. When I try to add it again, PX crashes.

For some reason the forum cut out the first sentence of the response I sent. I’ve edited this to include the sentence; it’s the one right after this:

From my experience, it may be something as simple as your not saving the DB once you’ve added the auxiliary; that was what it was for me.

I too have had many more crashes with 10.2 than I have had with any earlier version of PanX, but I haven’t yet managed to figure out what is triggering them; I expect Jim will get things smoothed out eventually. At one point I was having many strange dialog alerts—you can see my report a few days ago on the forum. Those went away after I restarted Panorama, though I saw something somewhat similar happen to Jim yesterday in our Relational DB class. Another time I got a totally unexpected fileglobal variable with the same name as one of my fields (the Last Name field, so you can imagine how much havoc that caused!) Again quitting Pan and restarting cleared that up.

Hang in there and enjoy life with a beta version of great software!

Check the edited version of my response on the forum; the first sentence was cut off for some reason. It was

Bill is correct. If you make a change in the Database Options dialog and do not change anything else in the database, you will have to explicitly save the database (with File>Save).

The second part of your report is a mystery however, I have no idea why Panorama would crash when you go back and try to set the auxiliary database again. This isn’t a piece of particularly complicated code, I would not expect a problem there. There are several methods for setting an auxliary database – which method(s) did you try to use?

Now I saved the file, as you said, and then it worked, i.e. it open both databases. However, when I opened the Database Options / Auxiliary tab, I got the beach ball and then Panorama crashed. Reopened Panorama, and now it seems stable.

It did it yesterday with both methods, dragging from the Finder, and by pressing the + icon. By the way, in the help documentation it is not mentioned that you have to save the file. It only says, “When all the auxiliary files are added, press the Ok button to save this configuration.”

But there is more. The remote clairvoyance is not working properly. If the field in the related database is capitalised, I have to type it capitalised, even though I have selected ‘Normalize Case.’ If I start typing lower case, it is not working.


Clairvoyance is not affected by the Normalize Case option, that currently only affects the join. I’m not sure if this option really makes any sense for Clairvoyance, I will have to think about that. Normally if a field is supposed to be capitalized a certain way you would set up the field preferences to do that.