Arraylinebuild statement question

I want to build an array using a record as the source of the data. Panorama 6 had the arraylinebuild statement, which seems exactly what I need, but this statement is unimplemented in Panorama X. Jim, is that coming soon? In the meantime, could anyone provide the code for the arraylinebuild statement? For example, sometimes the Pan X documentation will give a note, like in the arraydeletevalue( function documentation:

Note: This function is equivalent to:

Does someone had anything like that for the arraylinebuild statement? Maybe I even need more than that, because I read somewhere on this forum that the arraylinebuild was designed be used with an arrayscan( function (also not available in Panorama X).

I think exportline( is all you need.

Yes! That works perfectly. Thank you KJM!

A considerable fraction of Panorama X statements and functions are created from code (for a statement) or a formula (for a function), using Panorama’s custom statements and functions features. You don’t really need these statements and functions, but they are more convenient that using the base functions directly. In the example you cite, it’s much easier to delete an array value with arraydeletevalue( than with the replace( function. But you could do it if you had to.

However, custom statements and functions aren’t built out of nothing. At the core are about a thousand statements and functions that are written in Objective-C. There is no publicly available “formula” for these statements and functions.

The arraylinebuild statement cannot be built out of existing statements and functions, it has to be written in Objective-C.

All that being said, apparently you didn’t need arraylinebuild in the first place! Glad that worked out for you today.

Jim, the tools you provide with Panorama are phenomenal. Thank you! And thank you to everyone who provides help on this forum. You enrich the lives of those of us who come here seeking help. And what a wonderful thing to actually be able to engage with the guy who wrote Panorama, and have him say, as he often does, “It’ll be in the next release.” Priceless!