Any way to force quit a Pan X procedure?

This has happened twice lately - I’m testing a procedure in Pan X, and I may have programmed myself into an endless loop. Things like this happen during development, no big deal, except: endless beachball, can’t get anything to work, can’t change screens, can’t run anything else, can’t Force Quit with the 3-finger salute. Command-period sure doesn’t do anything. No choice but to lean on the power button and start over. This is different from the performance drudgery I’ve talked about with Text Lists, this seems to be specific to running certain procedures “under development.” Very inefficient way to debug things.

Is there currently a way to halt a running procedure? If not, is it possible to create such a way?

Clicking an holding on the Panorama X Dock icon opens a popup that includes Quit. If you hold down the option key the Quit changes to Force Quit and allows you to exit the application. This has never failed to force Panorama to quit. Other than this I don’t believe there is a way to stop a procedure that gets caught in an endless loop.

I should have realized this couldn’t be done, because it requires getting the attention of something while the CPU is seemingly tied up securely in its own underwear. Clicking and holding the dock icon might make it begin to rise off the dock (when dock magnification is on) but it then gets stuck in that halfway up position until forever and it hasn’t even tried to show a menu. Yesterday it got so bad that the beachball itself stopped spinning. It is a full blown hang, and there’s not much that can be done about it.

Did Command-period in Pan 6 work reliably to stop a procedure? I tried it a few times and it didn’t always work. If only Pan could detect that a procedure has gotten into this situation and call a halt to it.

Well, I’ve never had that experience and I’ve had innumerable procedure hang ups since I’ve been working in Panorama X. I have never had to reboot my computer to rectify things like this.[quote=“staylor246, post:3, topic:1167”]
Did Command-period in Pan 6 work reliably to stop a procedure?

It would stop most running procedures even if you had to keep clicking it several times to make it recognized. Pan 6 also had the disableabort and enableabort commands that also controlled whether or not the command-period trick worked. I’m pretty certain command-period is not currently implemented in Pan X. It would be nice to have some sort of fail-safe to bail us out when we paint ourselves in a corner procedurally.

Scott, did you use a right-click?

Scott is describing a Finder crash with the Dock stuck while only halfway up.