An elseifselect statement would be good

To add to your (our?) wish list - an elseifselect statement.

It’s not clear to me that such a statement is possible, or that it makes any sense. I’m sure you must have some idea of what you are thinking of, but it is not obvious to me. In any case, whatever you want to do could certainly be done with separate if, else, select and info(“empty”), even if there is a possible elseifselect I think it would be too specialized.

I have in mind a code like:

ifselect A > B
    do stuff
elseifselect A ≠ B
    do stuff
elseifselect C = D
    do stuff

where only one of the three options would be exercised. If the first ifselect doesn’t select anything, the next one is tested and so on. It may be difficult to code but I didn’t think it was difficult to comprehend. I can certainly write a work-around but the above would be more elegant.