An amazing job has been accomplished with Panorama X

While forums tend to dwell on the negative, I think it is important sometimes to step back and look to see just where we are.

With the decision to move from Pano 6 to Panorama X, ProVUE took on the challenge of attempting to ‘clone’ a program that had been developed and nuanced over a 30 year time span to become many, many user’s favorite program. We knew its motto and sang it proudly. It is quite a compliment when people enjoy using a program and Panorama 6 accomplished that.

When it became time that Panorama X had to happen, users naturally wanted all their favorite feature in Pano X to be there and work identically right out of the gate. That just was never an option or possibility. ProVUE is a smaller, tighter run company than it was 30 years ago. Considering that challenge, we have an amazing program that we can use today, tomorrow, and in 5 - 10 years guaranteed. The fact that there are ‘issues’ that need to be figured out, new tools to be tweaked, etc so that it runs as well as Panorama 6 is not going to happen for a few versions. Version 1 is always treacherous. Version 2 is usually a relief from Version 1. When we get to Version 3, everyone is pretty much settled down getting to work without worries. And thus, we know tomorrow will be better. Deep breath. Relax. Look forward to the next version. It can be fun if we let it be.

As a note to Jim… I woudn’t want to be ya, but thank you for being there for us. Without you, we’d have nothing.


It is always important to recognize Jim for making it happen. Lots of complaints in the forum, but the reality is works and everyone knows adjustments will be made in future versions. Everyone should make sure it keeps being helpful and not a cess pool of complaints.