Alphabetically Re-Ordering Summary

I am using the Summarize & Analyze favorite below.

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 13.53.35

In Expense Type, I have two categories: Fixed Expenses and Variable Expenses.

My report shows the Fixed Expenses first whereas I would like to list the Variable Expenses first, regardless of whether their amount is larger or smaller than the Fixed ones.

What do I need to change?


Change the Expense Type field from Text to Choice. Put the choices in the order you want them sorted, in your case:

Variable_Expenses Fixed_Expenses

The underscores are needed because spaces are used to separate choices.


Just to be on the safe side: the field Expense Type is currently a Text field controlled by a long ?( formula.

Before I change it to Choice, I’d like to verify with you that this will not affect the results calculated by the formula.

It will not change the effect of any formula, only how the data is stored internally.

I have added Choices per screenshot below but it has not changed the sorting order of Expense Type in my report.

Do I need to change anything anywhere else or perform any other procedure before using the Summary & Analyze favorite?

I did a test and verified that Group Up will sort Choices in the order choices are listed.

There are 14 lines in your Summarize & Analyze specification. I looked at them closely, and it is doing exactly what you have told it to. Line # 8 tells it to sort the Expense Type in descending order by the amount. So the Expense Type with the highest total will be listed first, followed by the next highest, etc.

Since that is not what you want, remove Line #8. At that point Line #7 does nothing, so remove that as well.

I should have noticed that.
All working as expected now (after removing lines #7 and #8).
Thank you.