Almost have Tab in Form working...One thing

Hello! Happy Saturday and thanks for reading this. Happy to say I’m officially a customer and enjoying Panorama X a lot.

I’ve been following the directions on Tab Order in forms from the Panorama 6 manual (I’d seen a post here that said this topic wasn’t in the new X help yet), and I have everything working except one odd issue. In the picture below, you can see my tab setup (my Tab Order is set to Natural.)

I can tab from Parent 2 first name to last name, then to email and phone, then to Child 1 first name which all works. But when I tab from Child 1 first name, the cursor disappears instead of going to Child 2 first name. I don’t see it anywhere on screen. However, if I hit tab a final time, the cursor reappears in Child 3 first name. I do have the Child 2 first name “include in tab cycle” clicked on, but can’t seem to fix this one last thing. Thank you for any help/direction, and have a great weekend!


That doesn’t sound like a tab order problem, but something else. Does the Child 2 Name field work if you click on it?

Just looking at the screenshot, I don’t see anything wrong. If you want to send a zipped copy of the file to support at I will take a look at it.

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Thanks so much. I was actually heading back over here to update my post when I saw your response. After deleting and adding back the field several times, it was still the same strange behavior. But when I deleted everything in that row and rebuilt from scratch, it started working – so I’m sure this was user error. But if I run into it again I’ll zip it up and send it your way. BTW, loving your training videos - and love that I can change the speed on them!

Thanks again,