All numbers converted into a PanX database as zeros

I have one database that I am trying to convert to PanX. It is a database listing the orders I place, what they cost, the shipping charges, and a total column. After adding the .pan extension to the original, when I view the database in PanX, all the numbers are 0.00. The formula for calculating the total cost works, but I have lost all the values in the cost and shipping columns. Interestingly, the ‘quantity’ variable how many were ordered, is intact. The first database I converted also had numbers that I manipulated, but they were integers and not entered as money. What am I missing in the conversion?

This has never been reported before. Were the original fields in Panorama 6 2 digit fixed point numbers, or something else? Anything other than integers should have be imported as floating point numbers.

I just checked the design sheet for the Pan 6 database, I noticed that the ‘Digits’ column was set to ‘Money’. First, I changed the digits to ‘2’, but that gave me the same result. Then I changed the digits to ‘Float’ and everything imported correctly. Thanks for the hint.

In the meantime, in that same database, I have several variables that use choices that do not work. I see that you have addressed this problem before in another post, but it still seems to be a problem. I was wondering if any changes have been made to correct this problem or if it is a MacOS problem causing it.

I’ve just had the same problem develop. A database that I had previously converted from 6 to X lost all its data (that’s a story for another comment) and so I have tried to reconvert the old file. All the money fields are importing as 0.00, but other numbers are fine. I’ve tried on 2 computers, which have the most recent and the second most recent Panorama X updates. The previous successful import was 4 or 5 versions ago. Pleased to hear there’s a fix, but obviously something has gone wrong somewhere.

Yes, apparently importing fixed point numeric fields, which used to work, is now broken. I’ve added it to BitBucket.

This will be a top priority bug to work on when I get back from the MacTech conference. Since it definitely used to work, I’m hoping it will be fairly simple to fix.