Alignment of objects in Data tiles changes in b26

This form’s design mode window shows the individual text display objects in the Data tile aligning with the text display objects in the Header tile.

In b25 on Big Sur, it produces the following output in data mode, as expected:

In b26, it unexpectedly produces this in data mode:

In b26, if the objects in the Data tile are moved to the left by 18px, they re-align with the objects in the Header tile in data mode, and then the design mode looks like this:

This phenomenon also occurs in other databases on my setup.

Is anyone else seeing this in b26 (macOS 12.4)?

Neglected to mention that the forms affected are view-as-list.

Things that I would check are the font, the font size, and the column width. When I make forms like this, I align the text boxes in the header with the data text boxes.

I can confirm that this is a new problem in b26.