Adding a record via double click brings up wrong record

When I have a current selection and want to add another record to it, I sometimes use the Find/Select dialog and search for the record to add to the current selection. If I double click on a single record that is not part of the current selection, I get a dialog that asks if I want to add that record. If I say Yes, sometimes that record gets added, sometimes another different record gets added.

I believe this may only be happening on a Shared Database. Has anyone else seen this? It happens to me regularly and consistently with a particular need but not consistently all the time.

This continues to happen on some selections for additional records to be added to the current selection. If I use the popdown for a SuperSet of the records, there is no problem. But if I use the Double Click method, a different record is sometimes added to the current selection. The record added is consistent in which record is added, just the wrong record though.

I thought this was fixed but it does continue to happen to me.

Would others try this to see if they can see the same result? The situation is when I want to add a record to the current selection. After typing the criteria, when I then see the record I want to add in the collection of records below, if I double click on the record I want to add to the current selection, sometimes a different record is added instead of the record I double clicked on. The record added was not even in the selection below prior to the double click.