Activating a Field with a Procedure for editing vs double click Mouse

I have a field that contaings a choice of data options.

I’d like to run a procedure that would go to that field and present the data options editable.

Essentially just like if I moved my mouse cursor to that field and double clicked it so I can edit it.

Then I could mouse or keyboard around and make my selection without “double clutching” first to activated the field.


Are you talking about in a form where there is a text editor object connected to that field, or in the data sheet?
If it’s a text editor object, give the editor a name. (Measurements tab). The use the statement

objectaction "OBJECTNAME", "open"

It is in a form.

The field is called “Status”

That field has several choices that I can click on when I double click and a window presents me with the choices. Each has a button to select.

So I gukess the procedure would have the format of:


So I am assuming that:


On the form I just double click the Text Editor Object that is called “Status” and out pops a small window that presents me with my choice that I have set up along with like radio buttons.

Then I click the choice button I want.

After click

Not a big deal but I prefer having a procedure do that.


Actually in Panorama 10.2 it doesn’t matter if you are using the data sheet or a form – either way you can simply use the editfield statement. In your case the code would simply be:

editfield "Status"

That’s it!

If there is only one option to choose at a time I would use a Popup Menu Button instead. Then there is no need for double clicks, too.

Thank you Jim, KJM, and CooperT.

Talk about simple!

Works like a charm.

Again the ProVUE Cavalry come to the rescues.

I have a procedure I use to add a new record to a db. It jumps to a particular field (ref) at the end of the procedure. I would like to then have that field open so that I can edit/add a value to it. But using the enditfield statement doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong? I know PanX has got to be simpler than I’m making it. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

I took a database I use for testing, and named one of its fields ref, and then ran this procedure.

editfield "ref"

It added the record, made the ref field the active field, and opened it for editing.


The ref field is a text editor field in the form. Here’s my procedure:

Field entry
field ref
editfield ref

The ref field is highlighted, but it does not open nor can I edit it without clicking on it. Why won’t it open?

You need to quote the name of the field. Make that

editfield "ref"