A new suite of custom statements and functions

I have put together a suite of 46 custom statements (25 of which are also implemented as functions) in four categories - Arrays & Strings, Maths, Navigation and Matrices (the mathematical kind, nothing to do with Matrix SOs). Many of these have been requested over the years, others fall into the category of solutions in search of a problem.

You can download the entire suite at:


Keep what interests you and discard the rest. For those of you with some spare time and an inquiring mind, I recommend a peregrination into the world of matrices - it’s quite fascinating.

I welcome any feedback on the suite, especially if you discover any bugs. In that context, it is appropriate to express my thanks to Gary Yonaites for his invaluable assistance in improving and debugging the Arrays & Strings procedures.

My next project is to modify the suite for implementation in Panorama X.


Predictably, in the process of moving these custom statements to Pan X, I’ve discovered a few bugs, all of which I’ve fixed. But, I’m not yet through testing them all so I’m not ready to post a new Dropbox archive. If anybody has downloaded these statements and is using them, let me know and I can tell you if you need an upgrade.