A hack for including deprecated features in a procedure

It is possible to invoke a deprecated statement or function by effectively calling a subroutine in a Panorama 6.0. database from a Panorama X database. I have proven this to be feasible via a simple test, using the deprecated chunkfilter statement to calculate a large set of prime numbers much more quickly that Panorama X can do it.

The process involves passing a parameter (which might be a single value or the entire contents of a database) to a Panorama 6.0 database via a text file. The Panorama 6.0 database has a .Initialize procedure which extracts the contents of the text file, processes the data and stores the result in another text file which the original Panorama X database accesses.

The concept can be extended by setting the first record in the text file to a value which determines which of several procedures is called by the Panorama 6.0 .Initialize procedure. This would allow a single Panorama 6.0 database to operate as a subroutine for any number of deprecated stat/funcs.

My first attempt at this involved using the clipboard to transmit the parameters but Panorama X kept crashing when Panorama 6.0 assigned a new value to the clipboard. I’d be interested to know why but I believe that intermediate text files are a better way to go anyway.

I’m intrigued that nobody has commented on this post. Maybe I should have made it clear that my process calls the Panorama 6.0 procedure with the openanything statement and closes or quits Panorama 6.0 after the procedure has run - it’s all invisible.


Those are very nice touches.

I still use P6 files alongside PX files during a very extended conversion process, and like you use text files for data transfer between them, but I really don’t have any need to use deprecated P6 features. I wonder if any users would, outside maths maniacs like your good self.

How about the hidden power of Panorama!

David Duncan

I can’t recall a specific instance but there have been requests for feature revival. And they’re not all math-maniac fodder :slight_smile: