10.1 and 10.2.0b17 Incompatible?

I’ve discovered that with the latest beta, I’m often unable to open files from 10.1. They’re reported as being damaged. Twice now I’ve received files from others using 10.1 that I couldn’t open. I could readily open them in 10.1, resave and still get the error. Save As and other efforts to ‘fix’ the file don’t work.

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 1.53.06 PM

The resolution so far has been to export as text, then import into 10.2.

Just now with 10.1.2, I created a new database and saved it, then was able to open with 10.2.

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Did you create the database in Panorama X 10.2b17, then later open it in 10.1 and modify it, then open it in 10.2b17 again? I’m thinking you worked with this database on your computer with the beta version, sent it to a client that doesn’t have the beta, then they sent it back and you encountered the problem. This is actually a feature!

If you want a database to be usable in older versions of Panorama X, you’ll need to disable the Save database with integrity seal option (in the General panel of Database Options) for that database.

You can recover from this situation without resorting to a text file. Instead, you can temporarily disable data integrity checks using the Advanced panel in the Preferences window.

I hadn’t thought of this situation of taking a database back to a previous version of Panorama. I’ve just now added a note about this in the documentation.

By the way, most of you do not have b17 yet, so you don’t need to worry about this for the moment, but you will get a new beta version soon.

You described a scenario that I was suspicious about and tried recreating, but apparently not precisely enough. I never imagined it would be deliberate though, but it all makes sense.

Since the client has sent me updates of the data in the file two more times today, it’s nice to now know how to access it without running multiple versions of Pan X in order to do the text exchange.

Per that suggestion, it worked like a charm today.