Zipinfoplus statement


It looks like the Post Office has changed their website, so Zip code lookup no longer works. It may be a while before I can get around to figuring it out and updating the zipinfoplus statement.


I am having trouble posting the address to the USPS site to get the Zip Code information. If anyone can help with this, I think this can be resolved quickly.


What does “posting the address” mean in this context?


What I need to know is how to input the address to the webpage to get to the result: the corrected address and Zip+4.


The address of the form, and also the address of the response when I submitted it was

The input tags for the 5 fields were

<input id="tCompany" name="tCompany" tabindex="0" type="text" class="form-control" placeholder="" maxlength="38"/>
<input id="tAddress" name="tAddress" tabindex="0" type="text" class="form-control" placeholder="123 Main Street" data-error="Please enter an address."required maxlength="38"/>
<input id="tApt" name="tApt" tabindex="0" type="text" class="form-control" placeholder="" maxlength="38" />
<input id="tCity" name="tCity" tabindex="0" type="text" class="form-control" placeholder="City" data-error="Please enter a city." required maxlength="50"/>
<select id="tState" name="tState"  class="form-control dropdown" data-required-error="Please select a state." required>

I haven’t tried writing a procedure to post that. I hope it helps.


It appears that this URL will return the zip+4 info, but not the county or carrier route. I did some poking around the USPS web site but so far I have not found a page that will look up that information. Perhaps USPS no longer provides that info?


The Address Info Wizard in Panorama 6 still returns the county. I might be able to find the Carrier Route somewhere, but I have not poked around enough to be certain.


I just tried it and it worked for me once, then it stopped working. Put some debug code in and discovered that the post office was denying access. I think that’s why that old URL isn’t being used any more in the Panorama X version.


Carrier Route is returned about line 1555, County about line 1565, but I cannot figure out how to post the data yet.


You must be accessing a completely different URL than I am, I don’t see that data at all.


I could be. It is!input.action#zipCodeByAddress


This may or may not help with some clarity on this issue.

Using this page:!input.action#zipCodeByAddress!input.action#zipCodeByAddress

If I enter 14900 Shell Point Blvd, Fort Myers, FL, the post office displays a down arrow to the right of the address where they display the zip code.

Using that down arrow, we can then see the other hidden info that does not typically display. The additional data does now show the Carrier Route and County. It is the same URL but the additional data must be accessed either through the tags or through manual manipulation of the down arrow and visually seeing it. They are merely hiding it until the user asks to see it. The data is back there already though.


Yes, the problem is inputting the address to check from Panorama. Once that is done, I should be able to scrape out all that good stuff.


Can we presume that ZipInfoPlus is still a work in progress?