The document “SN X.pandb” could not be saved. The file doesn’t exist


The document “SN X.pandb” could not be saved. The file doesn’t exist._

After editing and then waiting a few seconds I get the above message.
How do I fix this?

Thanks, Tom

"file can not be saved, because it doesn't exist"

You’ve provided very little information here, so I have no idea. Is this a new or old database? Did this just start happening out of the blue? Does this only happen for this one database, or all of your databases? Where is the folder this database is supposed to be saved in? Do you have other databases in that folder that are working ok? Do you have any virus checkers or other programs that might be automatically deleting or moving files in the background?

That error message doesn’t exist anywhere in the Panorama X source code. So it must be an Apple error message, making it more difficult for me to track down.


This is a database that was imported from Pan6.
It has happened sporadically in the last week or so since I just started using PanX
I have only used this one database
The database is located in Applications/Panorama/Serial Numbers ƒ
No virus programs


The database is inside the Applications folder? That’s probably the problem. You should never put any kind of document inside the Applications folder. I’m not just talking about Panorama databases, but any kind of document.

On OS X (now called macOS), usually the best practice is to put documents inside your user folder, typically inside the Documents folder inside your user folder. I’ll bet if you move the file there you’ll have no further problems.


I’m imagining that the database needn’t be in any specific location but typically a document that you create would be kept in some folder within the Documents folder rather than the Applications folder.

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Yes, anywhere inside the user folder should be fine, and most folks put files inside the Documents folder just for neatness.

But if you put a file outside your user folder, you’re asking for trouble from Apple’s permissions’s system. The exception would be an external drive, where anywhere is fine.


Did you create the “Serial Numbers” folder? I don’t have one inside either my Pan6 folder or the Contents of the PanX app.


Thanks all,

I never had save problems with Pan 6, so I assume the new save problem is something in Pan X.

I just find Pan X too frustrating. Lack of coloring records in the Data Sheet, which is very important for my work, cannot change font size and now not saving files is too much for me. I need to go back to Pan 6 for now.



The ‘Save problem’ is not a Panorama issue.

For as long as their has been Mac OS X, the user should ALWAYS be saving only into their home folder, and most often into their Documents folder. It has never (in the last 15 years) been proper to save documents into the Applications folder. If you have not yet learned this, now is the time. If you continue to save personally created documents into the Applications folder, you will have problems. Guaranteed. This is not a Panorama issue.

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Still problems saving my file even after putting into my User folder. I created a new PanX file and then imported my data from the file I was having problems with. So far there are no problem saving this new file


An update on this topic:

I occasionally get the “Can’t do something, file doesn’t exist” type of message and I’ve discovered one cause of this.

In the Procedure panel of a form I had this code:

saveacopyas replace(dbpath(),"Active files","Backup files") + info("databasename") + " backup"closefile

Note that there is no space before the closefile statement (due to clumsy cut & paste). Panorama X doesn’t pick this as an error but it clearly doesn’t like running the procedure.

Panorama X doesn’t seem to be rigorous in checking code in the panel.


In the Procedure panel it runs the same compiler as in a procedure window. When you click Apply the bottom of the panel shows if an error is detected.

The Formula panel does not give any similar feedback.