Sorry, can't help being really discouraged tonight


Even so, why would adding a field cause this problem?

I have spent hours modifying a database that has view-as-list forms, without any editable objects on them. It has caused Panorama X to crash repeatedly, and after lots of modifications, to eliminate anything that seemed to be modification, it did not display the data properly, even in a form that is individual records.

In my case, I have a database with many line items, CourtΩ, OpponentΩ, and TimeΩ, running through 1 to 17. What should display is Court1, Opponent1, Time1… Somewhere in between, the numbers of the line items get mixed up, so that the Opponent is one ahead of all the others.

As far as I am concerned, I cannot rely on Panorama X for anything that is critical. It just does not work reliably!


Panorama X certainly seems to have a problem with view-as-list forms but you are extrapolating from that to assume that nothing works reliably. With respect, that’s a gross over-statement. I have converted lots of files and systems without a hitch (other than my own inadequacies), including one highly critical and massive system run by a semi-government organisation and involving half a dozen universities and 20-odd companies.

In short, Panorama X does work reliably.


I am not saying that nothing works reliably, but enough things go wrong, with no rhyme nor reason, that I can confidently say that I cannot rely on Panorama X. The only databases that I have gotten to work upon converting to Panorama X right off the bat have no user interfaces other than the data sheet.