Running total in balance field of checkbook database


Amateur here needs help with how to create a running total for a “Balance” field in a checkbook database.
Can you point me in correct direction?


Activate your Balance field and use the menu Field > Analyze > Running Total.

Or you write a little procedure:

field Balance


This is a checkbook.
I want the balance to reflect adding credits and subtracting debits, not simply accumulate the numbers in the balance field.


One way is to add the calculation to your procedure:

field Balance
formulafill Credits - Debits

Or you can do that manually by using the menu Field > Morph > Fill With Formula …

Another way is to set up your Credits and Debits fields to do that calculation automatically when you enter values in these fields.

You might want to read the Panorama X Help about “Automatic Field Calculations”.


Just a quick thought. In accounting Assets including “Cash in Bank” are normally Debits. When you write a check it is a Credit to “Cash in Bank”, when you make a deposit it is a Debit to “Cash in Bank”. In order to reflect the positive balance of the checking account the calculation should be:

field Balance
formulafill Debits - Credits

Of course if you write hot checks this will be a negative amount. Hope this helps.