Repeated text file imports

This is working in interesting ways. Glad I read about the green-text-icon. I used to simply grab the text in an export with the preview option, not file creation, and then paste it where I needed to go (in this case a GoogleSheet). The system clipboard, as I understand it, is now mostly avoided in PanX, and I can’t just “copy” the export text showing in the bottom window. So I drag the green-text-icon to the desktop which creates a system clipping, open it, copy it to system clipboard that you won’t let me use directly, and then paste it into GoogleSheets. It does not work to drag the green-text-icon to GoogleSheets directly, or I couldn’t get it to. This does add about 2 or 3 extra steps to my ancient procedure under Pan-preX and I’d like to streamline that operation I have to do 5 times a week in busy periods, but at least I can get things to work.

I recommend avoiding use of the clipboard as a variable within Panorama. But don’t avoid using it for it’s intended purpose, as a clipboard. In this case I think what you want to do is use the Export to Clipboard command in the File menu (when the Export window is open). Sounds like you’ll find that easier than using the green icon.

Happy to be in this forum. Can you please assist us further with this? Our unity developer is looking for some solutions.