Question about calling a non-existent procedure


If a procedure calls a procedure which doesn’t exist, the calling procedure stops but gives no error message. An error message would be useful,


It does give an error message.If the procedure that contains the error is open, the error message will appear in the status area.

If the procedure window is closed, an error dialog will appear, or the Error Detail window if you have enabled it.


Strange - the calling procedure is my .Initialize.

If I trigger the .Initialize by running a procedure which calls it, I get the error message. But, if I open the file by double-clicking on it, there is no message. Can you please test that?

I have the Enable Advanced Error Dialog setting checked and it doesn’t open either in the second case.


Panorama X runs the .Initialize procedure as a timer procedure, so by default errors aren’t displayed at all. I may revisit that (it wasn’t really intentional), but for now you could code your procedure like this if you want to see error messages.

    main code of procedure
    message info("error")

More strange behaviour by the .Initialize procedure

Thanks, I’ll try that.


causes an error


Well sure – I meant that you should put whatever code you have now in the procedure into that section, for example

    fileglobal alpha,beta
    call someOtherProcedure
    message info("error")