Printing image display object

I repeated my tests with Image Display objects in Catalina as well as in Mojave:

Leo’s observation is correct, and there does not seem to be a difference between static Image Display objects and variable Image Display objects in List Views.

The scaling options Tile and Scale to fit do print/preview well, the options Proportional and Proportional (Shrink only) do NOT print or preview.

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Hopefully this bug will be fixed in the next release?

Yes - ran into this issue after building a report form tonight. Image Display objects (referencing mostly .jpg images in a relative folder) would display fine on-screen … but would not print. (Mojave)

Changing Image Display Options ALIGN to “Scale to Fit” makes the images now printable.

Of course, since image aspect ratios range from 1:1 to 16:9, some appear more squashed or elongated than they should be. I just had to find a happy medium for the Image Display Object size on the form.

So, here’s another vote to get the proportional option working. One of Panorama’s strengths is the ability to design and output sharp looking custom forms. Distorted images really kill the magic.

I may have posted this on another thread, but this problem is definitely on the high priority list for a fix in Panorama X 10.2. It’s not fixed yet though. I’m hoping that the fact that it works with some scaling options but not others will be a valuable clue in tracking down the problem, which is operating system dependent.