Printing clone window prints # records

With a clone window open, selecting Print will print that clone window the same number of times equal to the number of selected records. BUG?

That sounds normal, unless you’ve put a data tile on the clone window. It should just print like any other form. If you wanted to print just the current contents, use printonerecord.

Printonerecord is just what I needed, though I am still confused about one clone window printing the same number of times as selected records. Though I don’t understand it, it is no longer a problem. Thanks for the quick response!

You aren’t printing the window. You are printing the form that is displayed in that window. Whether the window is cloned or not makes no difference. Print prints the database. PrintOneRecord prints the current record. If the form contained any database fields, it probably wouldn’t seem so confusing, because each page would have contained data from a different record.

Thanks for your clarity, as always.