Panorama X Statements Documentation

I’ve run into a couple of times where the Panorama X statement documentation seems to be incorrect. We are using the Panorama X trial and in at least 2 instances now when trying to correct errors in procedures in Panorama 6 databases statements flagged as Unknown or Syntax errors in the coded procedure matched what was indicated in the Pan X documentation for the statements. The first one, removesummaries was coded as RemoveSummaries 7 and was flagged as a syntax error. Changing this to removesummaries 7 (as coded in the example for the documentation on this statement) was also flagged as a syntax error. I finally tried removesummaries7 and this worked.
In the instance today the procedure has FindSelect coded in a couple of places and this statement was flagged as Unknown Statement, as was findselect, even though this is listed as a valid statement in the documentation. Replacing findselect with findselectdialog worked, though from what I read both statements open the standard Find/Select dialog. Is there some reason why findselect was flagged as unknown?
One of the purposes of using the trial is to get an idea of what will be required in make procedure corrections to move forward with Panorama X so depending on the documentation is important and if not already pointed out, I wanted to indicate what I have encountered in documentation discrepancies so far in attempting to correct flagged errors in Pan 6 procedures.


There is something you are not telling us. The correct syntax is removesummaries 7, as shown in the documentation. Here you can see that this works fine.


If I try removesummaries7, as you suggest, that produces an error.


As for the findselect statement, that was a very old statement originally from Panorama 1.0, that was almost never used any more. In fact in five years you are only the second person to have reported this problem. No one noticed this until about 3 months ago, when another person reported it. It was included in the Panorama X documentation by mistake. Rather than change the documentation, we have gone ahead and added this spelling of the statement to the upcoming Panorama X 10.2 release. When that new version comes out this summer you will be able to use either findselect or findselectdialog without encountering an error. In the meantime, as you discovered, the findselectdialog statement works fine, so you should change your code to that.

I’ve included a screenshot that shows the procedure that has the removesummaries7 statement and as you can see at the bottom it say OK. It does not indicate an error. I clicked on the Check button and it comes back with OK, so I don’t know what to say, other than this is what I see.

The problem is that the previous statement, print, expects a parameter. It should be either

print ""


print dialog

If you fix that issue, then you’ll see that there will be a problem with the last line. Actually, that explains why removesummaries 7 produced an error. It thought that removesummaries was the parameter to the print, so 7 was all by it’s lonesome and that caused an error.

Thank you for indicating what the problem is. I’ve never coded any Panorama procedures, just trying to help out someone I believe you know, Alicia Wild. So in this case the actual issue was the previous statement, not the one being pointed to. I will keep this in mind as I work my way, or try to, the other procedures in the db that have been flagged. I will need to look at the previous statement if the one being indicated as being in error looks correct. Thanks again.

Based on the Panorama 6 documentation, your original code should not have worked in Panorama 6 either. The Panorama 6 documentation says that the print statement requires a parameter. However, I just tried it in Panorama 6 and it did work, so I guess that was an undocumented quirk of the older versions of Panorama. We do not promise that all undocumented quirks in earlier versions of Panorama will also work in Panorama X.

Thank you.

I do have one question about Pan 6 statements that are obsolete (unknown) in Pan X. Is there somewhere in the Pan X documentation that lists statements that were valid in Pan 6 that are no longer supported in Pan X and what Pan X statement is to be used in place of an obsolete one? I seem to recall seeing such as list, but don’t recall where, or maybe I’m imagining seeing such a list. One such statement I have come across as Unknown in correcting Pan 6 procedures in Pan X is the Logon statement and in looking at the statements for Pan X I do not see any statement that might take its place. Thanks.

This is a list current to December 27th, 2020:

Workarounds for missing items are pretty much up to your creativity.

Panorama X does not include the complicated security system that was available in Panorama 6. This system was used by very few users so we did not include it in Panorama X. Therefore there is no need for the logon statement.

Panorama X does have a less granular security system (much easier to set up and use), see this help page: