Panorama X and Hindsight software

I have had a working Panorama X Contacts file for some time and have been using it myself. It’s far from complete, but quite usable. My last Contacts had over 30 years of development without reaching any final stage., so…

One thing that has delayed my posting of it was that another developer expressed concern about the release of open source products and how it effects the ability of other developers to develop and sell their work. Photographers can identify with the influence of royalty free images on the ability to license photographs.

After a lot of consideration I’m inclined to proceed on this one although I need to consider the terms for its licensing. ProVUE has always offered a variety of usable databases as examples and starting points. I suspect that my Contacts would serve much in the same fashion. It would provide a starting point for many who might not otherwise get going with Panorama X. Other developers can certainly use it to build around. After all, it can be connected to invoicing, correspondence, job tracking and many other files that I have no intention of developing for free. It’s an example of my capabilities but also serves as an example of Panorama’s.

One of my major ambitions with it is use with Enterprise so that I can share it within my own office, but also use it via browser on my mobile devices. Panorama 6 has certainly demonstrated that anything that can be done on my Mac can be converted and used in a browser. The ability to access and edit my contacts on anything that has a browser is very appealing.

Thanks for the prod. I’ll take a look at a couple of last touches it needs, work on the license and document the steps necessary to move from your existing Panorama 6 Contacts to this Panorama X version.

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Hi Jim - Many thanks for the update on a Contacts file for Panorama X and thanks too for all the work you’ve done on this software over the years. I think it’s remarkable that I and many other photographers have used your software for so many years and have stuck with it because none of the other offerings provide nearly the same features. Given the discussions I’ve had with a few other longtime users of InView I think there’s a lot of interest in having some of the core of InView run on Panorama X (Contacts and estimating/invoicing in particular). I for one would be interested in paying for an estimating/invoicing file developed for Panorama X. Thanks again Jim, and please let folks know if this is something you might consider.

It’s my belief that a good Contacts file is the center of many possible Panorama file sets. As open source it can serve as a learning tool for many, and allow them to build around it. There are many others who’d prefer to pay one of the many excellent Panorama developers to build for them. If it contributes to enlarging the Panorama user base it’s good for all of us.

My own ambitions do not include building another invoicing and accounting system as I did on Panorama 6. I’m more likely to build an emailing app since I do a lot of personal, direct marketing. I’ll also continue to work on the ImageLog that I’ve already posted to the Database Sharing.

With the Contacts database, I’m eager to get it to a sharing mode, especially via web browser, so that I can readily access and edit my Contacts from any of my devices sporting a browser. I’m inclined to provide some sort of stepping stones to encourage and help others move in that same direction.

Beyond that, who knows? The jobs I get hired for often decide for me.

Thanks you to all contributors for sharing this information.

Hi Jim, I will enthusiastically join in with the chorus of thank yous and admiration as I have been a Hindsight user since 1994. It’s the only software I have run my business on. I am so excited to see that catalogue and contacts are being worked on for Pano X. These are both irreplaceable. Do you have an idea of when you will release the contacts file you have been working on and when you feel it will be ready for Enterprise? I am serving Hindsight on an older mac but have had great success with Mojave with Hindsight. This thread has helped to ease my anxiety about migrating to a lesser product. Thank you, Dave Moser

First, huge props to Jim. Thank you for being there for so, so many years. Jim even built a special feature into the catalog so that I could make temporary captions when I printed slide labels. Remember slide labels!?

The database still works fine for me I have just purchased a brand-new Mac Mini and I’m running Mohave 10.14.3. Moved Hindsight (6.0.0) and Panorama Direct to new drive; and in order to open I simply ignore the dialog boxes warnings and when presented a panorama database option, I click on ‘open recent’. Voila.

I probably need to get PanoramaX and Jim’s ImageLog at some point but I hate to fix what ain’t broke. I depend upon the Hindsight Catalog to manage my huge library. These days I enter all my metadata in Adobe Bridge and Jim’s browser seamlessly enters it into the Hindsight Catalog before I upload files to my online galleries.

Thank you Jim…

Thanks Saxon, your comments are appreciated. The ImageLog is getting there but it still needs the metadata and keyword generator. I’m using it regularly now myself, so that’s pushing me to get more working.