Panorama X and Hindsight software

Jim: I’ve been nosing around the forum here and see indications that Panorama X for Mac with a companion iOS version likely remain at least three-years out. I’m glad to see you are working on a Panorama X Contacts file, but I long ago made the transition from InView Contacts to Apple’s Contacts (which works for me in retirement — even under Mojave, although that version definitely is the end of the line). Not ideal, but functional. Of far greater concern is the imminent need to migrate my extensive equipment database to something new. While alternative Contacts databases are a dime-a-dozen, I have not yet found an obvious replacement for that invaluable InView Equipment module. As the final demise of InView is within sight with the release of OS X v10.15 Catalina, it would be enormously helpful if you could provide some guidance and maybe instructions on migrating the Equipment module data to some other gear-tracking database, preferably one that’s on both macOS and iOS. Obviously, the Equipment data has to be exported to am interim .csv file or something. But what replacement database product should your customers consider? Or can (and should we just move this to an Excel or Numbers spreadsheet? Sortly is one iOS product I’ve downloaded to evaluate, but frankly, haven’t had time to look at it, and am not sure I’d know where to start anyway. Any thoughts would be appreciated, even if they only point your former customers in the direction of an attainable and timely solution. Alternatively, maybe some old customers would be willing to pay you to migrate our equipment databases to something — anything to keep them limping along.

Well… as a matter of fact I’ve been migrating my own equipment data into a new Panorama X database. It’s not very polished at present but it does handle all of the info from the old InView Equipment file. Possibly I can get it into a ‘friendlier’ condition in the near future and share it as I’ve done with Contacts and Catalogue. It would be similarly offered without tech support or promises of upgrades, but it would be free and open source for you or others to make changes and improvements.

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That would be cool, Jim. An InView module that lives on in an afterlife is better than no InView module at all. Right?

Jim: Hope all is well. I don’t know if you made any progress with a 64-bit, Panorama version of your Equipment database but I’m moving ahead and looking at exporting my equipment data. It seems like the Export function for that module creates a tab-delimited — rather than a .csv file. Is that correct? Sortly (one App I’m looking at) is looking for a .csv Numbers or Excel file. Can you offer any idea how I get from here to there? I saw nothing in the old Hindsight manual about Exporting the Equipment file data or getting it into another file.

…An Export option is available under the Access menu, but I have to figure out how to deal with that data, and likely, optimize the record files afterwards, prepare them to import somewhere.

I’ve got a Panorama X database of data imported from the InView Equipment database working for me, but it has a handful of things to clean up. As an eventual freebie it’s done as I’m able.

The export feature you’re asking about in the InView Equipment is a tab delimited text output.

Most applications like Excel or Numbers understand tab-separated text files as well as comma-separated text files. So you could take an intermediate step and open the TSV file in Numbers.

Or you open the TSV file in a new database in Panorama X and export the data as a CSV file.

Hi, does anyone have experience with using Catalina and the older Panorama 6.0? Does it work or is HighSierra the end of the line?? Thank you.

Actually, Mojave is the end of the line. If you use a program like parallels to run two operating systems at a time or keep an old model Mac running, you could extend the life of Panorama 6.

We have been using InView for many years but plan on replacing our old Mac with a new one. Does anyone have a recommendation for a replacement photo business software? I have herd Blinkbid as an option but would prefer something not run in the cloud. Thoughts?

You’re not likely to find much knowledge about photo biz software here. You’d do better on a photography forum with that question.

For billing you might want to look at generic business software such as Quickbooks. For contacts or image tracking, check out the databases I’ve posted here.


What do you mean by this?
“…For contacts or image tracking, check out the databases I’ve posted here…”

He is referring to the free databases he has posted in the Panorama Database Exchange. This help topic explains how to access the Database Exchange from the Panorama X Help menu.

Hi Jim, I was just trying to log on to the Hindsight forums, but it seems that they are now gone (along with the rest of the HS website). Is this correct, or just a temporary glitch? Anyway, I’m a longtime user of InView, and am hoping that I can keep it going somehow. Just for the record, if any of the modules for Pan X you are tinkering with become available, i’d be happy to pay for them. (Specifically I’m looking for Contacts / Estimates / Invoices).

Jim Cook answered this in an earlier post in this topic.

James, I know you are no longer supporting Inview but if you recognize this issue and can give a quick tip I’d appreciate it.

On Mojave I’m getting this message when opening Inview/Panorama: “Field or variable does not exist: PanPrefs” Then I click OK, close the New Database Wizard file, click on Contacts in the finder and I get the dialogue: “Field or variable does not exist: InS” Then I open Flow Chart and the splash screen comes up but does not proceed to the actual Flow Chart then I open Contacts and it opens and everything seems to work just fine.

I tried deleting everything panorama and Inview and re installing with similar results. It all works perfectly on my wife’s computer running only Mojave so I tried copying everything from her Mac to mine, same error results. Any ideas?

Meanwhile I’m testing dual boot on APFS volumes and aside from the above issue Inview is running fine on the Mojave volume.

You’ll be pleased to know it’s caused by a Preference setting and has a quick solution.

With Panorama running, go to the “Panorama” menu, right beside the Apple menu. Go to Preferences, it’s the fourth item on the list. Click on General Preferences in the upper left corner.

Set the first Preference for either Open File Dialog or Nothing and close the window and Quit.

That should resolve it.

Thanks, should have asked this a while back, easy fix! The dual boot system works well, especially the sync with contacts (Apple) because that is iCloud based and updates on either system. Looks like I can use Inview into, dare I say, retirement?

One more question, hoping for an easy answer again: When syncing a contact “from” Apple Contacts all fields add: ", “”, " to them, if it’s empty it adds the ", “”, " and if the field has something in it like and email address or Job Title it put these quotes around it, like “, "”, "

Is there an easy way to fix it? It takes considerable time to erase these one field at a time. Thanks!

I’m assuming you’re referring to the Pan 6 Contacts, and I have not revisited that in some time.

There is no access for you to the programming so the import is what it is in that regard.