Panorama X 0.9.001 Build 2484 Release Notes


Panorama X 0.9.001 is now available. You can download this new version from the web site, or you can simply launch your current version of Panorama X and let it automatically update. If Panorama X is already running, choose Check for Updates in the Panorama menu.

This release takes care of many details in preparation for the official launch of Panorama X.

  • Fixed menu operation when no database windows are open. Then fixed several other features that turned out to not work with no windows open, including the Find & Open dialog, dialogs in general, info( functions that return window information, the windowinfo( function, and the showrectangle and showwindowvariables statement.

  • Panorama no longer opens an empty database automatically when launching, or when switching from another app when no database is already open. Instead, Panorama just opens with no windows when double clicking on the application icon.

  • Data sheet now prints correctly when fields are hidden, only visible fields are printed.

  • Display problems with Revert to Saved fixed, now works with any kind of window open.

  • Revised File menu to include a Revert submenu with Revert to Last Saved Version and Revert to Browse All Versions.

  • Implemented the revert statement. This reverts the database to the last explicitly saved version.

  • Added New Database from Text File menu items to File>Import submenu (they are also still in File>New submenu).

  • Renamed Text Import Wizard menu item to Import Text File into Current Database, and moved it down to the bottom of the submenu.

  • Renamed Import Database menu item to Import Panorama Database into Current Database.

  • Renamed Text Export Wizard menu item to Custom Text Export, and moved it down to the bottom of the submenu.

  • Shape, Text, and Image objects that don’t contain code are now transparent to mouse clicks. In other words, you can place them on top of another object that does accept mouse clicks, and the object underneath will still get the mouse clicks.

  • A transparent Push Button object now correctly sets the trigger from the button title, even though the button title is invisible. If the button title is not set, the trigger is set from the object name.

  • The info(“modifiers”) function now correctly returns the status of the modifier keys when an Action menu is triggered. (However, it does not register that the right mouse button was clicked instead of the left.)

  • Approximately 40% speed improvement for the lookup(, lookuplast(, lookupselected(, and lookuplastselected( functions. Note: the superlookup( function is not affected by this optimization.

  • In Panorama Help, added a little downward pointing triangle on the right edge of the Realm pop-up, hopefully will make it more clear that this is a pop-up menu.

  • No longer generates duplicate see also links on some documentation pages, thanks to Gary Yonaites for the fix.

  • The Field menu now includes menu items Autoset Field Width and Autoset ALL Field Widths.

  • When using the context menu to insert a form name or procedure name into procedure code (right click), Panorama will now properly quote the form name or procedure name.

  • The Text Import wizard now adjust sample data based on the user’s country. Any dates in the sample data are converted to the proper date format, and decimal points and thousands separators are also converted into the proper format for the current region.

  • In both data sheet and forms, pressing the Enter key now opens the current data field for editing, like it did in Panorama 6.

  • The Fields & Variables constructor now allows you to specify a title for checkbox and radio buttons that is separate from the field name (for individual checkboxes) or the data value (for groups of checkboxes or radio buttons).

  • Added preference options that control whether Select Within, Select Additional, and Find appear in the Find/Select favorites menu. The default is for all three of these to appear, but you can eliminate to reduce clutter in the search tool menu.

  • If locked, a record is now unlocked before deleting it.

  • The precedence of boolean operators has been revised. In past versions of Panorama X, AND, OR and XOR all had the same precedence. Now AND is the highest, followed by XOR, followed by OR. Note: For existing formulas, this change doesn’t take effect until they are “recompiled”. For example, if the formula is in a procedure, you must press “Check Procedure”, or make a change to the procedure, for this change to take effect. For a formula in a graphics object, you must edit the formula. This is true even if you close and reopen the database.

  • Implemented the info(“mousedown”) function.

  • Added the info(“thousandsseparator”) function, which returns the currently in use thousands separator (a comma in the U.S.).

  • Fixed the jsonimport( function so that it correctly produces a dictionary that can be modified. It was producing an immutable NSDictionary that would crash if you attempted to modify it.

  • Fixed the urltask( function so that it works correctly even if no code was specified (in the past, this would cause an error and nothing would download).

  • Fixed the post statement.

  • Fixed the fill and emptyfill statements so that they automatically convert text into dates or numbers as needed, just as Panorama 6 did.

  • The round( function now works correctly even if the value and step have opposite signs. Thanks to David Thompson for this fix.

  • Pop up menu superobjects are now correctly imported from Panorama 6 even if created with a beta version of Panorama 3.

  • The removeunselected statement now continues without an error if there are no selected records – it simply does nothing. It was not documented, but this is the same thing that Panorama 6 did.

  • Automatic Form Constructor now allows the separator value to be "comma" instead of ",", for example <sep:comma> (for popup menus, etc.)

  • Fixed memory leak when closing a database. This was a new bug introduced in 0.9 when I fixed the problem where closing, then cancelling the close, would partially close the database.

  • Wizard windows no longer display the Panorama icon next to the name, and the user can no longer hold down the command key and click on the name to bring up a pop-up menu of the enclosing paths (including inside the bundle).

  • Removed notification from SuperChoice dialog, had been added for debugging and was never removed.

  • Added Distance and Bearing to the list of common fields. Both are assumed to be floating point.

  • Updated the 515 Sample Checks sample data (used in the tutorials) with corrections submitted by Michael Kellock.

  • Many user submitted documentation corrections.