Operational Latency

Probably not fixable, but it is troublesome.

Like clicking Duplicate button, has to be just the right not-too-fast clicks or it produces a new record, but does not duplicate the content.

Like the find function I am still having to relearn. Gotta count 1, 2 before typing the find request. (And it sure would be nice to have a SearchAllFields button in that box so I don’t have to open a button and scroll clear up to the top. This used to be an easily found function.)

Like the moving a record up or down. Too much screen drawing with swoops and bows to the audience (sorry). Or maybe that is mac setting I have that affects PanX but not other programs.

Case in point! the matronly system told me I had to have 15 characters in my title, so Latency wouldn’t do. So I said, OK, sure whatever you want fussypants. And so I started typing (trying to ignore the pushy blue warning tab that hovered over what I had first typed) and I end up with Ooperational!

Always an adventure! That’s why I’ve been using Panorama for over 30 years!!! 8^)