OpenFile issue in Pan 6; OpenFile will not open secondary database


Ah yes. You are quite right. I misspoke regarding root level permissions on the computers. I experienced the -7 “system problem code” when installing Pan 6 on the El Capitan computer and had to address the permissions issue that happens at the root level. I referenced the support page here to easily address that problem:

Thank you for the explanation regarding the metadata of the files. That makes a lot more sense as to why the problem would disappear. I am glad to hear there is no cause for concern. I look forward to using Pan X and appreciate your response to my inquiry.


I have encountered exactly the same issue. This occurred after reinstalling Panorama 6 on a new drive and solving the permissions issues. I was just about to post to the forum when I found this thread. The solution described here also worked for me. When I used Save As to make a new copy of the file, it would open in response to the Openfile command. I will be so glad when the PanX server is functional and I can abandon Pan6, since I spent at least three or four hours dealing with the installation and then Openfile issues.