Need help with images


I just started Panorama X and what I am sure is a simple task is driving me nuts. I am creating a new database for a home inventory and one of the fields is to be a photo of the inventory item. I want that to appear in the report for printing. I have read the Help menus for image display items over and over and still can’t get it to work. I am not a programmer so the references to procedures are greek to me. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


The photo field can not be the actual photos but the path to them. I have a simple example of how things work in the animation below. I have a field I named Images with some paths to various pictures. There is an empty form that I drag an Image Display object onto and then in the Formula pane for that object I simply enter the Images field name. I also show a simple way to add image paths to your field by dragging them from the Finder.


That’s pretty cool Gary. I hadn’t really thought of dragging the image from the Finder into the data sheet editing window like that. @sawdust, take note that no programming is required for Gary’s solution.

You may also find the Image Display documentation helpful.


Thanks very much… works like a charm.