Multiple tables in database


My data is stored in an SQL database consisting of six tables. I have succeeded in importing one of these tables into a Panorama X database, but is at a loss as to how to import the remaining five tables. -Is this at all possible?


In Panorama you would have a separate file for each table. The data would be linked between the files using several unique Panorama statements and functions. You can read about the basics in the Help file:


Note: Somewhere in the distant Panorama future I think it would be cool to have multiple named data sheets all within the same master file rather than having multiple linked files as used currently. All the field names on the various data sheets would have to be unique and each datasheet would be named and have its own block of data the same as if it was an external file. From the user’s standpoint it would simplify relationships and keep everything together in one single file including forms and procedures.

I would imagine Jim has most likely considered and discarded this scheme in the past due to some lethal ramifications only he would anticipate as the coder-in-charge. Just an idea that I thought might be feasible some day (in a galaxy far, far away…).:satellite:


Thank you for your detailed information, which has been a great help. - Unfortunately this information implies that Panorama X does not suit my purposes.

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The problem of exporting tables from your existing tables is a function of the software that you are using. If you can export the tables, Panorama most likely can import them. It will not be able to relate them in the way that they have been related without some work. But this is true of just about all database applications.