Multiple summary tiles in report


I’m realising that I’ve forgotten more than I ever learned about summary tiles on reports and the changes in Panorama X don’t help that at all. I can’t find anything about report tiles in the training videos - is there anything?

In the absence of that I’m teaching myself from the ground up and it’s a slow process.


I’m still not getting there - this is so elementary that it’s embarrassing. I’m trying to set up a report which will look like this:

Farm improvements
Chemical spraying $110.00
Culverts $473.00
Fencing $11,461.87

with sub-totals and a grand total. I set the data up with this code:

field ItemCategory groupup
field «Gross cost» total
field «GST paid» total

field ItemSubCategory groupup
field «Gross cost» total
field «GST paid» total
outlinelevel 1
field ItemCategory propagateup

and my report form looks like this:


but the result I get is this:


where the summary totals are OK but I can’t get the summary headings (like ‘Cartage & fees’ or ‘Cattle medicines’ to appear on the report.

What am I missing?


I’m not 100% sure, but I think the problem may be that you are not printing any data records. Your prep routine includes

outlinelevel 1

so there are only summary records included in the database. The header records only print when starting to printing the first data record in a section.

In fact, your report isn’t including any data tile at all. I’m kind of surprised that anything is printing, I thought a data tile was required, guess I misremembered that. Maybe it was a Panorama 6 requirement?

Anyway, apparently you don’t want to print data records, so I would suggest taking out the outlinelevel statement and including a zero height data tile.

Also, I believe Panorama will only print one header at a time. So when a level two section starts, it will print Group Header (2) but not Group Header (1). So the design of Group Header (2) should incorporate both level 1 and 2.

BTW, there are no videos for custom reports, but as of version 10.2 the written documentation is complete. Here’s the starting page for this topic:


I don’t think so - I have certainly produced multi-level reports in Panorama that contained only summary data but that was probably back in about Panorama 3.

I checked out the Help wizard but managed to miss the Reports page - I was focussing on ‘tiles’.

I’ll try the zero-height Data tile - thanks Jim.

And I remember discovering this way back in Panorama 1!


I now have working report forms for two and three-level summaries - the key was to have a zero-height Data tile (as explained in the Help wizard!) but there were a couple of other tricks as well. Is anybody interested in seeing a brief documentation of the processes or am I the only dill around here?

One more thing - Panorama 6.0 had a widow/orphan feature in its Report Preferences pane that enabled the user to avoid dividing a group or summary across a page boundary. Am I correct in thinking that no such feature exists in Panorama X and is not likely to in the future?


You are correct.

and is not likely to in the future?

Not the near future, for sure. Possibly farther down the line.