Morph current field dialog covers field names


It would be nice if the morph current field dialog box were either movable or moved down far enough to expose the field names which it now covers up.


That’s the tradeoff of using a dialog sheet vs. a standalone modal dialog. A dialog sheet is attached to the window, and can’t be moved relative to the window. But the big plus is that it is not modal, so you can bring up other windows (being able to access help is especially useful).

In any case, Apple user interface guidelines recommend that dialog sheets be used for operations that are performed on data in the window. That’s the way a modern macOS application is supposed to work, so that’s how Panorama X does work. Modal dialogs should only be used for operations that are not associated with any specific window, for example Open File, Find & Open and Open View. All database operations – search, morph, find & replace, etc. use dialog sheets.


As I work on importing a large text file and moving its data, it would offset the covered names to have a menu to select field names in morphing. It would also be helpful if my last morph was retained, or if I could even go back through recent morph formulas as we could in Pan 6.


Of course you can always manually add the current morph to your Favorites via the star icon in the tool bar. Not automatic but could be partially helpful.


You should also be able to record the morph with the procedure recorder.