"Money" type decimal entry in X


Simple question #3
I know the “money” data type has gone away in PanoramaX. No biggie. The only convenient feature of it was the ability to enter your numbers without the decimal point and have it assume the last two digits were after the decimal point.

I saw in a reply to a question on the forums a year ago that this had not been added at that point (July 2016).

Is there any chance it’s been added in the past year, or is there any plan to add in the future? It’s not a huge deal. I can learn to type decimal points again, but it was helpful.


Peter F


If it were to be reintroduced, it would be great if the money data type was also stored as an integer or fixed point as it would reduce the incidences of FP rounding errors, which are strange for a money data type.


Setting a field to Number (Float) with an output pattern of #.## should give you the result you’re looking for. You may want to make the output pattern #,.## in order to include the comma in thousands.


This won’t solve the rounding error problem. If you have 20 records, each containing a calculated (say by adding sales tax) amount of $10.245, each will appear in the data sheet as $10.24 and if you add them manually you will get $204.80. If, however, Panorama adds the field, the displayed total will be $204.90 because the 20 extra $0.005 values will be included. The easiest way to avoid this discrepancy is to use the round( function to calculate each value. Then the displayed value will equal the stored value.

Interestingly, the round( function will convert each stored value of $10.245 to $10.25 and the total becomes $205.00.


Yes round( works. A bit frustrating having to use it all the time in order to make 100.000001% sure the money calculations are correct!

“Money”, as a data type, (in most countries) comprises two components (Dollars and Cents) glommed together and both of which are integers