How to add a field to a form


I don’t see an opportunity to do that in the dialogs in Excel 2011 - it may be a later option.

This means that you either put the macro into each new workbook or you import into a master workbook and save it under another name.

That sounds odd and it obviously adds another layer to the task.

My package is essentially a single-step solution in which the user doesn’t have to do any Excel fiddling at all. But thank you for the input - the community now has two choices for handling the problem.

I assume that my package ran satisfactorily in Excel 2016?


It ran without error warnings, but I had some trouble searching where the resulting file was. At last I found it in a Microsoft Container in my Library — presumably not the planned destination.

Personally, I prefer to see the result of a data manipulation on screen in an open document where I can do further editing and can decide how to save it.


That’s very strange. The Panorama X code defines the file path as:

let mdNewFileName = dbpath() + mdRootName + ".xlsx" ; path & name of new Excel file

and then the Excel macro saves the file with that path. Download a revised TextImporter.xlsm file from here:

it will generate a message which tells you what the file path is. I’d be interested to know what it says.


I repeated my test today. The final message seems an improvement, but again the resulting Excel file did not land in the target folder.

It seems my Excel does not interpret the given file path as a path, but as a file name only. The name of the file in the Microsoft Container in my Library contains the complete path.


This is a good example of how Excel (or VBA) changes its implementation of macros from one version to another. The only way to be certain is to stay with the original version of Excel throughout the life of the project. That’s clearly impractical here so I’ll revise the code to a more generic level and make it work on both versions. The embodiment of the path within the file name was a short cut - one would normally define them separately.

During that testing process, I’ll communicate with Kurt off-forum so as not to clutter up other people’s in-boxes with our discussions.