Help selecting matching duplicates, not partial duplicates


I am using Panorama to clean up a contact list from a customer database prior to importing contacts into an email marketing platform. For the marketing platform I can only have one record associated with an email address. However, in our old customer db, we have many records with duplicate emails, particularly where a contact’s email was associated with a company.

I want to clean-out email addresses that are not the primary address for a singular contact.

I ran ‘selectduplicates’ to find all of the records where the email address is a duplicate and it is returning many partial duplicates. For example…


Is there a procedure or formula I can use that will only select complete duplicates. For example…




For me, the following procedure returned nothing but genuine duplicates.

Field «First Name»
selectduplicates «First Name»

Your results look like what you might get if it sorted, but the selection failed. It would then revert to showing all the records, and values that began with the same characters would be consecutive.


Dave - Thank you. I found my mistake. I was also trying to filter out empty fields and had used “select” rather than “selectwithin”. This is now working for me:

field «E-Mail»
selectduplicates «E-Mail»
selectwithin «E-Mail» ≠ “”

Solved. Thanks again.