Flash Art object can't find pictures on disk


I can only think of one other possibility and that is if you have two files named ratRAC on your drive and the one outside the expected folder is actually running instead of the one within the folder. A real stab in the dark but worth mentioning just in case.


I think @gary has a good idea. Another possibility is that there is somehow an extra carriage return at the end of the line in the mildred field. I still think it would be a good idea to try a formula of


and make sure that works. I would type it in, as I just did, rather than using copy/paste.


Sigh… Came in to work this morning, opened the ratRAC file up, and, ta da!, images showed up just fine. I did nothing else between closing it last night and opening it this morning. Mystery in place, but at least the file works as intended!


Wild guess. Did you possibly move the file to that folder after opening it yesterday? Maybe closing it and reopening made it aware of its new location.


Hmm, that’s possible, as I did move the database to the folder with the images. This would require that saving a file doesn’t necessarily updated its path info, as I’m a frequent file saver.


I was able to duplicate that. I opened a file that had a flash art object, then dragged it into a folder of images, then saved it. I changed the flash art formula to the name of one of the image files, but it didn’t show. I saved again, and it still didn’t show. Then I closed and reopened the file, and it finally showed.


This is good to know. I’ve used the Flash Art SO / files on disk approach many times in the past, but apparently never in quite this order, as this is the first time I’ve had this happen. Easily dealt with! Thanks for everyone’s help!


When you open a database, Panorama remembers what folder it was in at that time. That is the folder that will be used until you close the database, even if the database is moved in the Finder while it is open. Now that it’s been brought to my attention, I’ve filed that behavior as a low priority bug.

Great guess, Dave. I would never have thought of that, because I never would move a file while it was open. On older systems (including early Mac’s, I think), moving a file while it is open (or renaming it) could cause serious problems. I think that is mostly resolved on recent versions of OS X, but it’s still a habit for me to never move a file while it is open.


It seems to have been a once in a lifetime event for Alan.