Field keeps losing its name


I’ve experienced this problem on and off for some months. If, after changing the settings of a date field in a form, I open the (previously closed) data sheet and click on the properties box, that same field has lost its name and has changed from a Date field to a Choices field:


Any idea how or why this might happen?


What does this mean?

In thinking about what you might possibly mean, I realized that the Field menu has a bunch of items it should not have in a form window, in fact maybe this menu should only be available when a data sheet window is topmost.


The date field value is fed from a pop-up menu in the form. I changed the name of the variable which populates the pop-up menu.

I didn’t use the Field menu at all.


I’ll need more detail than that to have any chance of diagnosing this. It sounds like you have some code that is doing this, perhaps posting the code would be revealing.


This is probably not related to the problem but if you open a New Empty Database from the Edit menu it will open with the single field named “A” in the header but the Name is blank in the Properties panel. A procedure can communicate with the “A” field normally but, if you activate the Name text box in the Properties panel and then click out of it, it will then remove the “A” field name from the header leaving the field name completely blank.

If you add a new field it is automatically named “B” and shows in the Properties panel. Going back to the original field will now have “A” also showing in the Properties panel. This is how the new db opens:



I don’t think it is related to Michael’s problem, but it certainly is a bug. Also, you’ll notice that several other properties are not displayed properly, including the Type, Align, Clairvoyance etc.

Normally this is where I say “I added this to Bitbucket”, but instead of doing that, I just fixed it immediately :slight_smile:


I may be getting closer to this - it’s always the first field that loses its name and type:



I don’t know how you are getting to this state, but given the bug I just fixed I’ll bet the field is actually ok, it’s the display in the properties panel that is wrong. Try making this one line procedure, and if you encounter this again, run the procedure to force the field properties panel to update itself.

showother «»,94

If nothing else, this will test my theory that the field is ok and that it is just a display problem.


I think you’re right - I was trying to get a Text Editor Object to display a date and ended up having to delete it and start again - the field name kept dropping out during this process.