Empty text display won't shrink

I’m not clear on where the shrink option is for “expand/shrink” at the moment from reading the comments. Is it working for printing reports yet?

I have a data tile that accommodates two rows of text displays. The lower one is one element that is usually empty and disappears when printed in Pan 6, thus tightening up the spacing on the report. It also had a divider line running through it that disappeared if it shrank to nothing. Neither of these things are happening and all my data elements in the report are taller than desired.

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I cannot explain your results from the information provided.

Thanks, Jim,
My report is imported from Pan 6, and I’ve just touched up the spacing and text alignment. There is a top margin, header, data header, data, summary(1), and footer tiles. All the elements are either text labels or text displays and a couple of lines for dividers. None are marked rich text, nor are any expand or shrink except the one item in the data tile.
The data tile has a top row of text displays showing field data and then under that a single longer Note field in a text display. The Notes are mostly blank and should disappear and shrink the data tile. Usually there is a grey divider line that cuts across the bottom of the text display, which disappears along with the Note display (I’ve tried removing it, but no help there). The Note display item is marked for Expand/Shrink. The two rows of items don’t overlap. All the elements are within the boundaries of the tiles. I’ve tried making the data tile setting to expand/shrink, but that isn’t helpful.
I’m puzzled as I don’t know what else might need to be done to activate the shrinking feature. If you have any clues, I would give it a try to get this working.

Still not very helpful. Best bet would be to email the database (as a .zip file) to support AT provue.com.

Not to preempt Jim, but I have a report in which the expanding and shrinking works just as expected. The Data tile is marked both expandable and expand/shrink on the measurements panel, the Text Display object is set just the same, and is also set to collapse blank lines on the TD options panel.

I’m glad it’s working for you. As far as I know, this feature works fine.

FYI, however, the expandable and expand/shrink options only have an effect on objects that contain data. Since the data tile has no data associated with it, these options have no effect on it. It doesn’t hurt anything to make a tile expandable or expand/shrink, but it doesn’t help either – basically these options are ignored for objects that don’t contain data.

I tried Bill’s suggestions, but to no avail. I’m taking Jim up on his offer and sending the file to Provue for diagnostics.

What happens if you recreate this form from scratch in Panorama X?

I’ve seen that solve problems before, but forgot to try it. I set up a new form first with a header, footer, and data tile with only 2 text display items in it. Super simple - but couldn’t get it to vary the height of the record when the shrinkable item was blank. Tried again with only the data tile and same result - even chose different fields for the text displays (numeric, text, formulas). Still no change. Even with a new DB and 2 fields I can’t make it shrink. I’ve tried setting expand and expand/shrink on both text displays, plus the data tile, as well as checking the collapse blank lines box. Hoping Jim can see what is missing.
FWIW I’m running Mojave on a 27" iMac from late 2013

I haven’t had a chance to look at your database yet, but are you sure the data is really empty? Even a single space will cause it to not shrink.

Thanks for sending the file. There is a bug. Panorama X is using some Apple code to measure the height of the text, and that code doesn’t consider empty text to be zero height. I can fix that by bypassing the measurement if the text is empty. This fix will be in Panorama X 10.2 (sorry, I don’t know exactly when that will be available, but I promise the fix will be in that release).

Thanks for verifying that I wasn’t missing something. And fixing it.
To save me a lot of time experimenting with things, can you think of any work arounds such as a rich text statement to shrink the text size to 0.1 point if the value is empty or using some code to eliminate the text display and shrink the size of the data tile for each record as it prints? I’m grasping at things I’ve only seen mentioned in the documentation but would love to have a way to print daily summaries more compactly.

If there was some other way to do it, I wouldn’t waste my time implementing the variable height printing feature! (or your time having to learn how it works).