Drag field order

This isn’t working. I wait for the hand, and drag, and nothing happens, or rather things happen elsewhere, like now my first and last name columns are switched, but I wasn’t touching them. What is the trick for this formerly simple operation?

The manual says nothing about this, but I guessed that maybe hiding fields could confuse things. It absolutely should not, but after I showed all fields, I could actually drag. This needs to be fixed. Then I had to go back and hide about 20 fields. I think I read somewhere about saving sets of hides, but I couldn’t see that in the commands/options I found. Of course, back in the Pan6 era, we could do the Design Sheet view and simply move field orders there, as well as check a host of other things. It is a shame we don’t have that functionality anymore. Is there some absolute programming reason for this? It has come up dating back to 2016, from what I can tell scanning messages here.

This covers the subject which includes a section called Hide/Show Favorites.

You cannot drag fields across a hidden field. For example, if you have fields A, B, C, D and E, and D is hidden, you cannot drag A B or C over to the right of E, or E to the left. This is a bug, it is already in the bug report database but hasn’t been fixed yet.

If you need to rearrange field order, I recommend saving the current configuration of hidden fields using the info on the help page Gary mentioned, then making all fields visible. Then you can quickly re-hide once all fields are arranged the way you want.