Dialog program error when searching

I also did a safe start (holding down the SHIFT on restart, didn’t help.

That’s exactly what I would expect, as it appears that it has been established that the problem is related to your main user account, not to the entire computer

The steps I outlined above remove all the data that Panorama X has added to your account. These steps essentially return the account to it’s “virgin” state as far as Panorama X is concerned. So it appears that the problem is something else to do with the account, not directly related to Panorama X. The idea of possible problems with Login Items and Launch Agents sound like promising avenues to investigate, there may be others. I am not an expert in Mac system administration, so I don’t have any further suggestions myself.

If it comes down to it, you may need to permanently create a new account and move all of your files to that account, then delete the old account. I wouldn’t be enthusiastic about a task like that if I were you, but if you can’t fix the problem any other way, that would work. Sounds like there may be corruption in your account, which may be causing problems with other software that you aren’t aware of. So switching to a different account might ultimately be the best solution.

Ah, yes, the magic word, corruption! Try Disk First Aid in the Disk Utility.

I’ve tried everything to no avail. DOes anyone know of an easy way to migrate settings into a new user account so I can try that?