Design Sheet updated version


I do not know why the View menu item is inactive for the original Toolbar form. But when I use the View Organizer and create a copy of the Design Sheet Toolbar form, then the View menu item is active for it, and I think you will be able to hide the Tab Bar then.


Apparently the “maximizable”,“no” option in the openform statement is what is deactivating the Show Tab Bar menu item. The “miniimizable”,“no” option does not effect this View menu item however. Thanks Kurt for narrowing this down.


The “Show Tab Bar” option is only grayed out if the tool bar is active. It is not grayed out for the Design Sheet form. It is not chosen in either case.


Bruce, to possibly fix this on your system with the Design Sheet open I would open the View Organizer wizard from the View menu and select the Design Sheet as the file and Procedures. Double click the .Initialize procedure and when this opens go to line 40 with the openform statement and remove the “maximizable”,“no” option from that line of code. Save the file, close it and then reopen it. Select the ToolBar window and now the Show Tab Bar item should be active. Try toggling it on/off and see if the tabs disappear from the ToolBar window. If they are removed you can save once again and hopefully your problem will be over. Now when the ToolBar is reopened it will not have the problematic maximizable option executed.


I downloaded the Design Sheet from the Panorama X Database Exchange. I used it to re-order some fields in a database. I clicked Reorder and re-ordered some fields, clicked Done in the Field Order sheet, then clicked the red blinking “Transfer Changes / New Generation” button; but nothing happened in my original database.

Am I missing some steps?


John, I just tried moving some fields in a database with 75 fields and even though it took a lot of time to complete it did do the moves. I coded this file some time back and it does some things that are kind of “out there” and really pushes the envelope in places. I really have no intention of going back and revisiting this project again since I bit off way more than I intended the first time around. Let’s just say it is there for you to try if you want and I hope some can find it useful but it is what it is - as it is. If I hear of further problems I will have it removed from the exchange. I really wondered at the time if I should include it or not.


Please don’t remove it! It’s so helpful despite any bugs! I’m not going to let you know about any further problems!! :wink:

Seriously, thanks for your amazing work and generosity to provide this at all.

From your reply, I gather that I am following the correct procedure (pressing the correct buttons).


Yes that is correct and you should be seeing a dialog sheet appear that notes that the changes to your file can not be undone from the Edit menu and asks if you want to continue. If you press the Continue button the changes will be made to your file in the background. If you are moving fields in a database with a lot of fields it will take some time for everything to update since all fields are re-positioned even if only one field is involved.

I hope I did not come across as petulant about removing the file from the Database Exchange. My only concern is that I want to make sure I’m not causing more problems than my efforts were intended to solve initially.