Confused about hours used

Today i got this email: "In the month ending Aug 11, 2019, your Panorama X account was used for 6.50 hours on 1 computer. Based on this usage, your account has been debited by 1 month, leaving a balance of 27 active user months. "

So can someone explain how 6.5 hours of use translates to a full month’s usage?

Panorama X usage is billed in monthly increments. It’s not billed by the minute like electricity. Whether you use for an hour or 700 hours in a month, the charge is the same (a few dollars). There is a bit of grace for extremely light usage (you won’t be debited if you just open it and do a search one or two times in a month), but once you get past that, the charge is fixed. So if you use it a little bit in a month, you might as well use it a lot in a month. There is no clock ticking accumulating extra charges as you use it more.