Church/Charity Dashboard



If you’re interested, I have written a similar solution for the Southern Pacific District of ministries in Southern California. It starts with a contact file that tracks churches, ministers, which church a minister works at, spouse relationships, certificates, dues, it logs notes, etc. There is a separate file for contributions including who made them, whose name they are made in, running totals posted for the ministers and churches, a calendar for meetings and events, a project plug in, etc.

You can contact me at if you would like to peruse the solution and discuss possibilities.



I work in fundraising and do similar things with Panorama as Simon. Do you do use letters that take financial information from the database? i am have trouble with $ and the use of a comma in anything bigger than $999.99.

Thank you for your generous{?(PLEDGE=DOWN, " gift of “,” “)}{?(PLEDGE≠DOWN, “pledge of “,””)}{?(PLEDGE≠0 and PLEDGE<1000 ,pattern(PLEDGE,”$#"),"")}{?(PLEDGE≠0 and PLEDGE>999.99 ,pattern(PLEDGE,"$#,###"),"")} {?(DOWN=0,“to our Campaign ‘‘Building Our Future’’.”,"")}{?(DOWN=PLEDGE, “”,"")}{?(DOWN≠0 and PLEDGE≠DOWN,“and your down payment of “,””)}{?(DOWN≠0 and PLEDGE≠DOWN and DOWN>999.99,pattern(DOWN,"$#,###"),"")}{?(DOWN≠0 and PLEDGE≠DOWN and DOWN<1000,pattern(DOWN,"$##"),"")} {?(DOWN≠0 ,“to our Campaign ‘‘Building Our Future’’.”,"")}

Any suggestions?




Number patterns are very generous in how they can handle values. “$#,.##” should handle all of your amounts correctly. If the amount is below 1000, the comma is not applied.


Unfortunately the information I have put in still does not put the comma in my letters.



I just tried this in the formula workshop. To get the comma to work, it needs to come after the units digit.

Since you apparently don’t want to include pennies, you can just use


for all amounts.


Thank you! That worked!!!


One problem in evaluating your formula is the quotation marks. I’m not sure if they’re accurately reflected in your post, but if they are, that’s a problem to be resolved.

For example, pattern(PLEDGE,”$#") has a closing curly quote in front of the $ and a straight quote following the #. You have similar issues throughout your formula of mixing the styles and especially the choice of opening or closing curly quotes. down payment of “,””) certainly misleads Panorama as do several other spots.


Thank for the insight. Checking it out.

Thank you again!