Catalina & Parallels/Panorama 6 OR Mojave with native Pano 6

I’m going to step up to the MacBook Pro 16" which will be delivered with Catalina. I’ve been sticking with Mojave as many Panorama 6 shared databases require the continued use of Mojave.

The question for those that may have some experience here… Should I install Mojave on the new MacBook Pro so that I can continue to run Panorama 6 natively, OR should I run Panorama 6 via Parallels so that I can run Catalina on the new MacBook Pro?

I don’t think you have a choice here, my understanding is that the 16" cannot be downgraded to Mojave. So that’s one less decision for you!

Dang. I did confuse myself and thought that MacTracker stated that it would run Mojave. Looking again, I find that MacTracker doesn’t list the 16" yet. O well, there has been a part of me looking forward to seeing what Catalina can do. I guess I’ll learn all about running Panorama 6 in Parallels. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

On my laptop running Catalina I’m running Parallels for sharing Pan 6 and it’s been fine.

Hi James, do you have to reboot to get into Parallels and run 6? Just wondering how different it is from having Mojave on a separate volume as I’ve done, it’s working fine that way for me.

No reboot at all. It runs just like another app. You click on the icon on the Dock and you’re in a whole other OS with all the rest of your apps still available in the host OS.