Big Sur PanX crash update

If I leave PanX files open and just hide them, I can go a couple of days, maybe forever, without PanX crashing.

I think that usually if one PanX file is open and I close it, PanX doesn’t crash.

Almost always, if not always, if more than one PanX file is open and one is closed, PanX crashes.

I’m coping and hoping for a fix to get back to acceptable operations. Since I’ve kludged a macro fix for the left/right arrow problem in a record, the only constant annoyance is clicking on a field in the same record, and i haven’t figured out a macro to deal with that.


I can’t confirm the crashing, but all users are using Panorama X in different ways.

I am using Panorama X often in the data sheets with occasional use of forms, other users are relying on more or less complicated forms. I am mostly importing data as CSV files and then do some grouping, sorting and calculating with the data, others use their databases for more manual data editing.

Regarding the right or left arrow or the click in a different field in the same record I can say that this issue is a graphical glitch only. Panorama X reacts to the arrow keys or to your click in another column correctly, but the display is not refreshing and not indicating the change of the active cell.

You can check this by starting to edit the cell content: Now the display refreshes and you see immediately that the correct cell is activated. You can watch Pan X switching to the other cell in the Properties panel, too.

So in my eyes there is not much use for macro fixes. Until that graphic issue is fixed, the only annoyance is that you have to press the arrow keys twice or to click two cells (in a different record and then back) to see the active cell marked correctly.

That’s what my macro does for left/right movements. I could do it manually every time, but I got tired of that. Hence the macro. KM (Keyboard Maestro) does a great job, and it will also use a click with modifier keys for a trigger, but I haven’t quite got that one tamed. I am not content to manually cope with the standard operation of clicking on a field in the same record of a data sheet and remembering to then hit enter or up-down or now even left-right with the macro’s help. I understand the explanation of the issue, as Jim has mentioned several times, but being a creature of habit, it is annoying to work on my membership and convention databases and not be able to click 10 fields over in the same record to get something done. There is also an occasional risk of messing up because one isn’t always sure which field one is in for edit purposes. I’ve used UNDO far more in the last few weeks in Panorama than I recall ever before.