Automatic procedure trigger on current record


Is there a way to automatically trigger a procedure simply by changing the current record (and not clicking a button)?


In the Help wizard, see the tutorial: 120: Extra Credit: Running Code Automatically.


See “Triggering code when moving to a different record” on this help page:


It’s within Implicitly Triggered Procedures but what you’re likely to be seeking is specifically .CurrentRecord


Yes, but the section title on the page is “Triggering code when moving to a different record”


Side issue: this thread got me re-looking at some of the implicitly triggered procedures that I haven’t tried. In contrast to what the help file says (quoted below), I am finding that a procedure titled .ModifyFill is NOT called when the user uses the Morph sub-menu.

“If it exists, the .ModifyFill procedure will be triggered when the user uses most commands in the Field>Morph sub menu (Morph, Propagate, etc.).”


You are correct, this was an oversight. I have added a note in the issue tracker.