Accessing if Pan 6 works in High Sierra


I will say this on not able to importing databases in Pan 6, sometimes in bringing over text into a shell that should be perfect it won’t load. But if I shut down Panorama and then restart it, the file loads perfectly. Now this happens in about 20% of my imports, to be frank it’s probably because I have had Panorama on for days and not restarted it. So sometimes in Pan 6 if you can’t load a file, try restarting Panorama and it should work fine.


I’ve had the same experience Sal - good tip.


I appreciate the above comments, though it’s been over two months since the last one. So I am wondering if there is any new information on problems updating to High Sierra with using Pan 6.

I am also an old foggy, using Pan for 26 years since I had to switch from Microsoft File when they abandoned it. Have very very much appreciated Panorama, and used it as my main software running several businesses on it for years.

I agree with Golfersal that at our age I really do not want to relearn a program, and the old Pan has worked just fine, so what for…? But I know that soon it will not work at all on 64 bit, at which point I will leave it on this new Mac Book Pro and no longer update the OS. That is why I need to know about High Sierra, as I do not want to ruin my chance to stay put.


No Problems here. I am using Pan 6 on a daily basis under macOS 10.13.1, and it works well — but I am going to use Pan X as my main database more and more.


Ditto on both Panorama 6 and Panorama X on High Sierra. Panorama Enterprise 6 also runs on High Sierra without issues that I’ve seen.


I have since switched to High Sierra and it works, ok.
There is still one big problem with it that I have had since Sierra when you add a summary or group a name the summary is all over the place. It no longer is under the group.

Does everyone have the same problem with Panorama 6 on Sierra or High Sierra in which summaries are no under what you want to be summed, but all over the page???


Not here. Summaries are working and displaying exactly as always.


I’m moving back to Panorama for Mac after a number of years running Panorama 6 under Windows so have the added challenge of migrating files from that environment to the Mac (am working with but any advice would be appreciated).

I attempted to load a new copy of Panorama 6.0 onto an iMac running High Sierra 10.13.5 and immediately got a library error, so no, I don’t think that Panorama 6.0 loads under 10.13.

I’m new to the version X environment looking for functionality I’m familiar with in version 6 - while there is a plethora of information here in the forum and good user and help from ProVue can anyone recommend a starting point?

Thanks, Lynn


For Windows to Mac, here is a simple way to transfer Panorama files. On the Windows side save the Panorama file as text, email the text file to yourself and import as a new database on the Mac side. One interesting twig - fields that include commas show up in quotes to avoid parsing errors. The unwanted quotation marks are easily removed with “find and replace”.

I have encountered an error using the “Find” command. Got stuck with a “Resume statement failed (no pause)” error message. “ok” and “cancel” failed to clear the find box. I ultimately had to reboot the machine to get out of it.

After only a few hours I must say that the Panorama X user interface is very much like version 6.0 - intuitive and simple to use for those of us very experienced with 6.0. Thanks Jim!


This sounds like the same issue that has been discussed before for Sierra 10.12. You need to jump through some hoops to get it installed. See the topic

for more information.


Thanks Dave, I’ve successfully moved on to Panorama X at this point. Lynn


For anyone else coming along reading this later, it is not necessary to export to text to transfer a database from Panorama 6 on Windows to Panorama X on Mac. As long as the file name ends with .pan, Panorama X will read the file. Then you won’t have to worry about commas, and your forms and procedures will transfer as well.

You’re welcome!